Where do you get your range of vintage clothing, accessories & housewares from?

We have a fantastic network of suppliers.  We buy from textile merchants who ‘pull’ vintage pieces from the huge volume of clothes they process.  They then give us a call and we go and hand select items that suit our clients’ needs.

Another great source are the local antique dealers we work with.  The majority focus on furniture and collectibles so have no interest in clothing and appreciate having an outlet for them.  One of our favourite places to bring in new stock is via house clearances.  These often bring us some of our most interesting and unusual pieces.

Then there’s the most labour intensive method!  Pounding the pavements going from charity shop to charity shop.  We unearth the odd vintage gem and it’s always a good excuse to stop at a lovely coffee shop for lunch!

Do you repair and clean items prior to listing them?

As a rule, no.  We don’t do this for two reasons.  Firstly, we tend only to purchase items from our suppliers which are in great condition and do not need cleaning or repairing.  If we ever buy damaged or dirty items, it’s because they have an incredibly strong vintage appeal and are well worth the time and effort to work on.  On the occasions when we do sell an item with damage or dirt, we’ll provide full details of the extent of this in the item details.  If we can clean or repair an item for you, we will, and we’ll let you know exactly what we’ve done and what you can expect.

Secondly, we like to offer our vintage pieces at realistic prices so they’re accessible to all.  We would need to add the cost of having items professionally cleaned and repaired to the starting price of any item and that could immediately make them too expensive for some buyers.  We don’t like the idea of excluding anyone!

How do you take the measurements included in your listings and how do I check that an item will fit?

Take a look our clothing care page where you’ll find more information on this.  Do drop us a line at ebay@vivavintage.co.uk if you need any other information to help you.

If I buy more than one item, will I get a discount on the postage costs?

Absolutely!  Although we only ever charge postage at cost, we want to encourage you to buy more so it would be madness not to!  If you’re stalking lots of items, just let us know by emailing us at ebay@vivavintage.co.uk and we’ll hold off sending you an invoice until you let us know you’re finished.  At that point, we’ll package your items into a single parcel (assuming all your lovely purchases will fit into one package!), find you the best possible postage price and email a final invoice to you, including discounted postage.

Due to how the international postage system works, sometimes the postage cost doesn’t reduce much (or at all) for heavier parcels but we’ll keep you fully informed of all your options and will still provide a discount wherever possible to say thanks for your purchases.

What happens if I’m not happy with my item when it arrives?

We like all our buyers to be happy with how a transaction concludes, even if for some reason, they’re not happy with the item itself.  We’re happy to accept returns so, in the unlikely event you wish to send something back to us, contact us at ebay@vivavintage.co.uk.